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Hopeku - Sweet mad experience Hopeku - Sweet mad experience

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Gave me more of a house feel...

...I don't really think this is trance man, it felt more like house, electro-house to be more precise, because of that electric (Justice like) bass and the overall song feels a lot like Phantom by Justice which is not a bad thing by the way :)

Also the tempo felt around 128-130bpm so... yeah it would probably suit more on the house genre.

Either way I love it! The production quality is wonderful, it really feels like something made by big names like Deadmous5, Mstrkrft or Justice (sorry for bringing it up so much, by no means Im intending to make you look like a Justice wanna be K? Im just trying to make a point here ^^), the percussion was great and the bass was just delicious! Man, what did you used to make that bass? Also overall the song has a lot of variations which keeps it really interesting and fresh BD

Overall this track deserves nothing less that a 10/10!

Awesome work!


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pabouchard responds:

hey thanks man no worries about Justice haha.

Yeah I actually called this ''electro-trance'' but I had to choose a section on ng.

Also I used Sylenth for the bass!

DJ Babokon - Rising Waves RMK DJ Babokon - Rising Waves RMK

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This song would be so BADASS...

... if it was better mixed -.-

Don't get me wrong man, I love it, but the way you mixed the frequencies... OH NOOOO!!! XP

Everything man! The melody, the awesome arpeggios, the great percs, the bass, the vocals everything sounds like... underwater, everything is like drowned by the pads and gates. I wish I could help you with the mixing man, but sadly I'm still learning too :( (Although I would love to give it a shot ;D).

By the way, what did you used for the vocals? Thats a really cool VST bro!

Anyway, based ONLY on the composition I give it a 10! Cause its perfect, but as I said, mixing was way too bad, so I would give it a 5 based ONLY on the technical side.So... yeah, thats basically why I'm rating this with 8 stars...

My advice would be: Keep practicing! And release a third remake of "Rising Waves" when you believe you have perfected your mixing skillz ;D

Practice makes Perfect bro!

Keep it up =)

DJ-Babokon responds:

:D Okay thanks! Yah, I'm still worknig on my mastering.

The VST is called Aquestone.

Rig - Moar Rig - Moar

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pure Awesomeness!!

Hey man!

I made a short edit of your song, you know, rearranged it a bit, made it shorter, I hope you don't mind... :o

Anyway, I wanted to show it to you ^^

Here's the linky: 4m4vQ

I'm giving you full credit and everything, so don't worry ^_~

Mad props for this one bro! Keep it cool!

Rig responds:

I saw it and responded. Thanks! :D