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New audio guy!

2010-03-13 23:36:48 by DiscJohnny


I'm just the new audio guy, I've been coming to newgrounds since 2007 and I just love it! Great games, awesome audio, brilliant art work! So I finally decided to make an account.

I like making music with FL Studio, particularly dance music like techno/disco kinda stuff lol

So anyway, I just wanted to say hi and to see who was around, oh and to everyone who reads this post, don't be shy and comment, tell me about you, if you make flash or music, sweet! If you don't it doesnt matter, always good to meet somebody new ;D

See ya around!


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2010-03-13 23:58:03

Well hi...

DiscJohnny responds:

Hey how you doing?!


2010-03-14 01:07:26

fl is the same progam i use 2, only im still new to it
anyway gl

DiscJohnny responds:

Sweet! Well Im also kinda new with it, but still its a great worktool when it comes to music making ; )

We should collab some day, see ya around!


2010-04-02 13:03:32

hello i make the music

DiscJohnny responds:

No man, you make ear sex toys!


2010-12-14 19:11:05

hey im wormyish ive been with newgrounds for a while. i use magix studio , FL studio and dj sheepwolf mixer 3 the last one is online and free if you want to check it out and its pretty cool

so yeah i make music too ( if they ever aprove it ) my birthday was the 8th of december and im 15 sooooo yeah
just sayin hi

DiscJohnny responds:

Cool Im gonna check it out man!


I hope you get approved soon ^^